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Weavers' Week in Moravian Tapestry Manufacture

11.8.- 15.8.2014

18.8.- 22.8.2014

Participants of weavers' week will be given an opportunity to see our workshop in detail and will familiarize themselves with the weavers'methods used in our workshops.

At the beginning of work with kilim loom participants will try out the method of active weaving and having tried this method they will start work on their own designs which can then be discussed both with their colleagues and MGM artists.

The heart of this course is the production of their own carpets – from plain weave to sewing up and steaming.

The course price of CZK 5 500,00 includes excursions round workshops, professional guidance, lease of workshops and 4 kg material needed by participants for their work during the course.

The course can be opened if attended by at least five participants. Moreover, weavers' week can start as requested by participants.

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