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Moravian Tapestry Manufacture keeps its workshops doors open for groups of visitors.

During an excursion visitors get a unique opportunity of seeing weavers' facilities at the turn of the 19th and 20th century (looms, shearers, skeining, spinning), which are still used by experienced weavers and bunch makers.

In our carpet workshop you can see how coloured wool is cut before it is made into a carpet, he method used for knotting small knots, how a shuttle works and how patterns from art designs are transferred into slowly emerging hand-made knotted carpets.

Tapestry Manufacture will help visitors to see how arduous the traditional method used for classical tapestries is – a method which has not changed for more than 2000 years. Visitors will learn what a „pause“ means, why people may see a ready-made tapestry only after it has been completed and why a fork is used when tapestries are woven.

A unique opportunity is provided to watch professional restorers working - extremely carefully and skilfully - on saving historical tapestries for generations to come.

We have an extended exhibition hall of tapestries and carpets. At present you can see the tapestry cycles Czech Way, Words, Honeyed Goods and other works by: Karel Malich, Michal Rittstein, Ivan Komárek, Margita Titlová, Zorka Ságlová, Ivan Ouhel, Milan Grygar, Ivan Chatrný, Jiří Valoch etc. Also works of art dating from before the Second World War by: Rudolf Schlattauer, Jaro Kučera, Hanuš Schweiger, Eduard Milén, Jožka Baruch, prof.Nožička, arch. Josef Místecký, Ladislav Sutnar can be seen.

Excursions are organized for groups of minimum of ten visitors and need to be booked at least three working days in advance (Entrance fee is CZK 40,00 per person). For a group of fewer than ten visitors the price per group is CZK 400,00. The gallery can be seen without a guide and our workshop can also be visited by individuals, the fee is CZK 40,00 per person.

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